What To Expect

First Time Visiting? Here’s what to expect…

We believe that the message of Christ and Him crucified for the forgiveness of all your sins is for everyone. Peoples from all races and social statuses are welcome to join us on Sunday. Dress will range from casual to suit and tie, so don’t be concerned about standing out because of what you’re wearing. We’ve written this page to help you feel prepared for church, and hopefully take some of the stress out of trying a new place.

  • You can expect a liturgical service
    • Our service is conducted from a hymnal. The service setting, or page where we start, will be in the bulletin, and the hymn numbers are on the board up front. It’s okay if you can’t sing! Each of the hymns that we choose has a message, and just reading along can be beneficial.
    • The pastor will be wearing “church camouflage.” His traditional garb is designed to match the other items up front to remove focus from him and place it on what is being said and done.
  • You can expect to hear preaching from the Bible.
    • On an average Sunday, the entire back side of the bulletin is full of the Scripture reading for the day. This is because nothing that can be said is more important than what the Holy Spirit has revealed in the Bible, and that revelation must be read in context.
    • We follow the church lectionary, a sort of universal church reading plan. This simply means that we are reading the same passages as all of the other believers using the lectionary. The Bible is covered in a year, and we enjoy feeling unified with other Christians around the globe.
  • You can expect to be confronted with both your sin and the forgiveness that Jesus offers.
    • Lutheran’s often talk about law and Gospel. The law is what is required of you, while the Gospel is what God has done for you.
    • A major part of our service is Communion, or the Lord’s Supper. When everyone starts filing up front, just remain in your seat but look and listen intently! You will no doubt have several questions about what just happened. Take some notes, and the Pastor or one of the elders will be glad to discuss your questions after the service, using the Bible to support our position.
  • You can expect some time to get to know others in church after the service.
    • Donuts and beverages are provided by us. Please, head over and grab a snack, and let us get to know you!


One last thing – restrooms are in the opposite corner of the building from the main entrance 🙂