What Not to Expect

First Time Visiting? Here’s what NOT to expect…

We believe that the message of Christ and Him crucified for the forgiveness of all your sins is for everyone. Peoples from all races and social statuses are welcome to join us on Sunday. Dress will range from casual to suit and tie, so don’t be concerned about standing out because of what you’re wearing. We’ve written this page to help you feel prepared for church, and hopefully take some of the stress out of trying a new place.

  • Don’t expect to be looked down on.
    • This is not a building full of people with their noses in the air. On the contrary, we come to church each week to acknowledge and confess in public and out loud our own sins, and hear the forgiveness that Jesus offers. No matter how many bad things you’ve done, how you view yourself, or whether or not you think God could love even you, you’ll be welcome here.
  • Don’t expect to be separated from your kids.
    • We don’t think that children are the future of the church. We believe that children ARE the church. Pastor Utecht gives a flannel graph presentation  so that kids can learn a Bible story, but then they return to finish the service with their parents. In our church services, it’s a joy to hear the shuffling of little feet, not a distraction.
    • For parents’ convenience, we do offer a nursery in the upstairs of the church if the need arises. It is equipped with a rocking chair, toys, and a changing pad. A speaker in the room allows occupants to continue to hear the service while taking care of their children’s needs.
  •  Don’t expect secrecy now or additional information after you commit.
    • Everything that the Pastor says and does up front is out loud, and meant for you to see, hear, and understand. There are no closed meetings where only members can see what really happens. We have only one holy book, and that is the Bible. Lutherans often quote from what we call the Book of Concord, which is a collection of documents written around the 1500s that you can read, in its entirety, for free online. We quote it not because it is sacred like the Bible, but because it explains doctrine really, really well.
  • Don’t expect a rock band.
    • We don’t have anything against them, really. We probably listen to the same radio stations as you even. But the hymns that have been passed down for hundreds and hundreds of years continue to point us to Christ and tell us the Gospel, so we don’t have any desire to leave them behind! Some of our music is more contemporary, some is more traditional, but all of it is centered on singing together as a group the message of Christ.
  • Don’t expect a self-help seminar or motivational speech.
    • Spoiler alert: if you think the Bible is a book of rules designed to help you live better than other people, or to show you how to have health and wealth, you’ve missed the point. The Bible is not ABOUT you, rather it tells about the price that was paid FOR you. When the Pastor reads and preaches from the Bible, we get to hear objective truth from God himself. The law to show us our need for a savior, and the Gospel to save us.

We hope these pages have been helpful as you consider a visit. If you have any questions before coming in, don’t hesitate to call or email.